Module Remarkable::DSL
In: lib/remarkable/dsl/assertions.rb

The DSL module is responsable for all Remarkable convenience methods. It has three main submodules:

  * <tt>Assertions</tt> - adds a class methods to define matcher initialization and assertions,
                          allowing matches? to be hidden from the matcher developer and dealing
                          with I18n in the expectations messages;

  * <tt>Callbacks</tt> - provides API for after_initialize and before_assert callbacks;

  * <tt>Optionals</tt> - add an optionals DSL, which is also used for the auto configuring blocks
                         and dynamic descriptions.

Classes and Modules

Module Remarkable::DSL::Assertions
Module Remarkable::DSL::Callbacks
Module Remarkable::DSL::Optionals


ATTR_READERS = [ :matcher_arguments, :matcher_optionals, :matcher_optionals_splat, :matcher_optionals_block, :matcher_single_assertions, :matcher_collection_assertions, :before_assert_callbacks, :after_initialize_callbacks